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Uno "Cinco" De May Celebration & Cha-Cha Class!

Friday, May 1, 2015

On Friday, May. 1st, Bay West Ballroom.proudly celebrates that Day Of National Enthusiasm, when the Mexican Militia Rose Against The Mighty French Army And Were Victorious In Sending Those Frenchmen, Back Across The Pond. This Feat Accomplished, The Beloved Village of Puebla, Was Then Free Once More. All Hail Mexico!! To us, here at Bay West Ballroom! This sounds like just as good a reason as any to have A PARTY!!!! Besides, our studio director, likes to dress up and pretend he’s Pancho Villa….we all try to just go with it…. We will kick start the evening at 8 pm with a Cha-Cha Class for All Levels. We will start with simple figures and then advance to more challenging steps and concepts, for the more experienced dancers in attendance. Afterward we will dance to Loads of Latin Music, Ballroom & Club Styles. Chips, Salsa & Margaritas will be served in the Wee Studio.

World Class Coach, Glenn Weiss